Industry requirements for precision casting

        Precision casting is a leader in the world. As a representative of the high tech field, precision casting must play a role in it. But the precision casting is a powerful one. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the precision casting in our country:

        First, the completion of the growth mode from labor, resource intensive to technology capital intensive, from extensive pollution to green intensive, product quality, variety, quantity and the world advanced level, the proportion of high quality materials increased rapidly, the entire precision casting factory production efficiency, economic efficiency has been increased, environmental pollution has been effectively controlled, the initial set up and environmental coordination of China's foundry material industry system.

        Second, the formation of a reasonable structure, the overall level of high research and development and education training base, can continue to the business of professional personnel, continue to develop high quality, high grade casting material new varieties, to meet the growing needs of casting materials, while increasing the intensity of technology exports.

        Third, to complete the industrial structure adjustment, eliminate a number of low level of technology, product quality is poor, pollution is serious, the economic benefits of small precision casting factory, the formation of a relatively concentrated "small giant" and "star enterprise", to achieve "professional, large-scale production". In particular, there are one or two key enterprises that can compete with the world famous enterprises, they have a high technical level, sophisticated technology, abundant capital, advanced management, can continue to provide high quality, high quality and high market share.

        Precision casting industry to achieve more than the development goals, and grow their own, then the precision casting industry can play its role in the foundry industry in the vanguard and the leading role, to promote the development of the foundry industry.