Growth process

        The company was founded in 2002(Formerly it was the precision foundry specialized in casting automobile accessories.In the 1980s and 1990s last century it began to engage in the production of investment production of investment precision casting and resin sand precision casting.Having collaborated with FAW-Diesel, Chaoyang-Diesel and Wuxi-Diesel, Yuchai, Weichai, Luoduo, Beinei and Tiandong, offered supporting parts.)At present, it has two factories, covers area of 30000 square meter, with 160 employees, most of them are technicians specialized in Auto parts, with rich theoretical and practical experience on professional design, development, testing and manufacturing. 

        Now the company is mainly engaged in the production of allot air organization assembly of automotive engine and related parts, also the production on various transmission machinery accessories. The company is a member of Chinese Foundry Association, is the enterprise of science and technology, owns many invention patents and utility model patents, is in the process of identified by high-tech enterprises. The company was authorized import and export right in 2009, and has got the certificate of ISO/TS16949:2009 which is international quality system certification in the automotive industry. 

        The company has the ability of casting, machining, heat treatment and so on. It has the related equipment, such as castings machines, continuous normalizing tempering heat treatment furnace and many pieces of CNC machining equipment made by Mitsui, Taiwan Li Chang, hydraulic press of 300 metric ton, stamping equipment of 15-100 metric ton. At same time, the company has more than 200 sets of detection equipment including Switzerland HAUSER projection detector, spectrometer made in Germany, digital measuring instrument, before furnace intelligent fast analyzer, and physical and chemical metallographic analyze equipment. The material can be handled are gray iron, ductile iron, chilled cast iron, alloy cast iron, cast steel and so on. There are also many kinds of casting technology on different raw material. Also can meet the requirement on design and production of mold, fixture and manufacturing, parts heating treatment, cleaning, inspection, assembly process and stamping sheet metal forming. Especially strong ability on the casting, there are three production lines for sand casting and precision casting, the biggest casting can be two tons, the smaller casting also can meet requirements. The total production capacity can arrive 2000 tons annually. 

        The main products of the company: internal combustion engine fittings (chilled alloy cast iron tappet, rocker seat, rocker arm, rocker arm assembly, valve guides, race etc.) for Dongfeng Cummings, Fortin Cummings, Shanghai, Hino, diesel and other customers; many kinds of European standard pipe fittings; power transmission parts (various models of European standard taper pulley and taper bush) and other small and medium machinery accessories. We have both domestic market and abroad market. Many products were exported to Germany, Japan and other countries in Europe and America. 

        We always adhere to the integrity of enterprise establishment, quality first; the pursuit of excellence, win-win, cherish talents combined; people-oriented; stand together through storm and stress, create brilliant concept, has won the trust and praise of customer.


        Transmission element factory  have 2500㎡ machine building,ware house 1200㎡ finished products and 460㎡ rough stock,more than 120 sets equipments of machine processing at the moment. 

        1.taper and special-v-belt pulley series:Which have four models sush as SPZ、SPA、SPB、SPC,diameter is from 50mm to 1400mm,The specification is from 1 to 12 grooves. 

        2.V-belt pulley without bore series:Which have four models such as SPZ、SPA、SPB、SPC,diameter is from 50 mm to 1400 mm, The specification is from 1 to 10 grooves. 

        3.Taper bushes overcapacity 360 thousand pieces. 

        4.Steel motor rails with movable block is from 312/6 to 1330/24: 

        5.Adjustable motor mountings is from 210/6 to 490/12. 

        6.Taper and special-variable speed flat pulley series:Which have six models such as SPZ1、SPA1、SPA2、SPB1、SPB2,diameter is from 84mm to 355mm. 

        7.Taper,specia-flat and flat with border pulley series:Whith width is from 32mm to 200mm,diameter is from 63mm to 630mm. 

        8.Multi wedge belt pulley series:Which have five models such as PH、PJ、PK、PL、PM the specification is from 2 to 49 slots grooves,diameter is from 63mm to 630mm. 

        9.We can produce unstandard transmission according to user’s demand.Our product exported to many countries such as Germany,UK,ltaly,Spain,Dutch,Sweden,etc.