Maintain a positive working state

        As the boss of the joint machinery to continuously improve the enthusiasm of the staff, today to share with you to maintain a positive working state of the method

        1 learn to do what - if you want to keep your enthusiasm for work, it's very important to continue your studies. Someone once taught me, if you want to keep the freshness of anything, then, explore and study. And more and more professional knowledge reserves will make you more passionate. My current goal in life is to make my blog more meaningful. So the first thing that I do things is that find a leader in this field. Every year he has from the blog of tens of millions of dollars of income, and I have become his students. I have the same way to absorb employees, so that they can grow in this field and do their love of work.

        2 love what you do, just like every person who has a conversation with me, and I have had many times to do the work I have done. But I do what I like to do, let me do what I like, and then pursue it. I worked 7 years for my clients to design and sell my website. Now I hate it because I want to get rid of them completely? Not! I'm just simply trying to decide what's best for me and my team, and now we focus on our real passion. Like marriage, just because you're tired of your partner, you're going to divorce and change your partner?. This is the time to think and to call for our passion. My wife and I these years continue to do these. This is why I not only love I do work, also in the married 28 years of loyalty to deeply in love with my wife.

        3 manage what you do - when I came out of the coffee shop this morning, I'm going to pick up my little girl, because her car broke down, and then I'm going to my office, because it's my "six big" waiting for me. Here are six things I'm going to do today, and this habit will keep me moving on at the present time. I'll put this on a piece of paper in advance. Each task I would cross a. If there is any work that day did not complete, must be extended to second days on the list. I have never asked myself what I'm going to do next morning, when I start to work every morning, I am full of motivation, because the existence of the list so that I have learned how to manage their own.

        4 teach you do -- teaching benefits teachers as well as students. I first tried to be a teacher, but I never wanted to live in a classroom with 30 students. But the idea of teaching and educating people is still in my heart, at present, I am the tutor of four entrepreneurs, and teach them how to run the business successfully. In addition, I have also taught thousands of people through my blog post, as I am writing this article. I was also invited by different business groups to make a speech in all kinds of activities. I love teaching, because when I teach others new ideas and methods, I also can apply them to my own work. Teaching benefits teachers as well as students