On the road of scientific and technological innovation on press forward with indomitable will

        "Machinery industry is the heart of the industry, it is the means of production of other economic sectors, it is also the basis for the development of all sectors of the economy. I am learning machinery manufacturing background, long time ago, I have a dream that one day, to the end of our country's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to catch up with the developed countries, a force of their own."

Special allowance of the State Council, Zhejiang provincial "151 talent project" of the first level training objects, Zhejiang Province key enterprises in technological innovation team leader, Zhejiang jinmaxun Machinery Co., Ltd. chairman Wei Ming Lin said.

        To give up comfort

        He invested 10 million savings in scientific research and Entrepreneurship

        December 21st afternoon, the reporter walked into the Jinyun Industrial Park is located in Zhejiang province Zhejiang jinmaxun Machinery Co., ltd.. Into the office, head to the wall is hung in a series of honorary medals: 2008, 2012 national key new products, Zhejiang Province, province science and Technology Award three, Zhejiang Province, province, the mechanical industry science and technology award, Zhejiang Province, the first set of manufacturing areas (sets) product title......

        Behind these honors, and a person's efforts and dreams are inseparable. That is the company's chairman and general manager - Lin Weiming.

        The 44 year old Lin Weiming is the town of Jinyun County, Dayuan Lingtou village. 1992, just graduated from the Jilin Industrial University mechanical manufacturing, he entered the Jinyun County steel mold factory, and served as director of technology. In 1998, he came to Zhejiang Heng Qiang needle car group, with the advanced technology and management of machinery manufacturing enterprises in the sense of responsibility, and served as deputy general manager of the group. Years of experience in the production of technology and work experience, so Lin Weiming laid a solid theoretical foundation, but also accumulated a wealth of practical experience. At the same time, his wife Chen Guiying also operates a production of precision machinery spare parts manufacturing plant.

        Lam Wai Ming said: "at that time, I in the work of the group, vice president, took hundreds of thousands of annual salary; my wife's factory benefit is also very good. It can be said that we are not short of anything." In 2002, after the joint efforts of the Lin Weiming couple, their hands have accumulated about ten million yuan of funds.

        "The next way how to go? Is now to begin to enjoy the life of ease?" Lin Weiming in his mind repeatedly tortured himself, a hidden mind for a long time the idea is more and more clear: "I want to start their own business, but also to make a dare to compete with the developed countries of high-end equipment, in the history of China's machinery to leave their own!"

At the beginning of 2003, after some brood, engaged in the years of mechanical work of the lam Wai Ming determined to convince his wife and all savings to take out of business. The market investigation, after investigation, he decided to venture project positioning at the time is still relatively unpopular "pipe molding equipment. In July of the same year, the formal establishment of the Zhejiang jinmaxun Machinery Co., Ltd., set up a research and development team, devote themselves into "metal pipeline plastic molding technology and complete sets of equipment, research and development work.

        Obsessed with research

        He left his family.

        At the beginning of the business, Lin Weiming not only to serve as the company's chairman, general manager, but also to serve as the chief engineer of the company's technology research and development. He said: "put the original annual salary of hundreds of thousands of the group deputy total improper, running to own business, each month also took 1500 yuan of wages...... I have been the chief engineer, and I have been a full nine years, until 2012, the company has further developed, and I have to hire others. At the beginning, a lot of people don't understand, but I feel so busy and happy."

        Lin Weiming is such an out and out of the work. Every morning at 6 o'clock, he unshakeable up from home to work to the company, reading massive material, analysis of experimental data, to deal with the affairs of the company, has been busy night 10:00 before home. In order to save the research time, he even the daily meals and employees together in the company cafeteria to solve. Since the establishment of the company has been 11 years, but he gave himself a holiday all the time together, less than 30 days......

Lin Weiming said: "in fact, I did not have a few naive to stop, like the first day of the lunar new year does not work, you said I was in the holiday, it? But I can not stop the idea of scientific research, but also a holiday, I might as well continue to study at home. Besides scientific research, I have no other hobbies."

        Great scientific research enthusiasm, let Lin Weiming too busy to attend to. He had no time to go out socializing, have no time to accompany his wife and daughter, only to plunge into the "R & D pipe plastic molding equipment.". In June 2010, the daughter of Wei Ming Lin will face the university entrance exam, and when he is and R & D team and two American pines Technology Co., Ltd. experts together, buried in the laboratory research and development of intelligent CNC bending machine CNC software. For five days he had not been in the laboratory, the average sleep time is less than 2 hours a day. On the sixth day, Wei Ming Lin's wife had to pull the switch as "blackmail", was forced Lam Wai Ming on hand to suspend the work, home to the next day to her daughter's college entrance examination cheering...

        "Things like this still has a lot of, but I also have no way, to engage in scientific research is the daily nest laboratory modeling, analysis of data, a busy day and night, even with dishevelled hair and a dirty face is not home... Sometimes my wife often complained about me, and I joked, if I am not a husband, but something else, so 'hateful' she would have been replaced." Lin Weiming slightly owe smile.